The Whole Universe Surrenders…..

Kundlini Reiki

In Sanskrit “kundal” suggests wound up and indicates the primitive energy that lies dormant in every human body. Like a snake, this energy is accessible at the base of the spine in a bone called the coccyx in three and a half twists. The coccyx is furthermore the bone which is just the last to be scorched, along these lines fitting various mystic interpretations. Without a doubt, even today its enormity is by and large known and various elective retouching practices see this as superior among all strategies.

The root chakra is the passage purpose of this vitality into our body. Situated close to the coccyx, this is the vitality focus with which the Kundalini constrain reaches. Otherwise called the Kundalini Fire this vitality is unidirectional and keeping in mind that it keeps running all through the body, it just goes in an upward development and ways out from the Crown Charka. Envision a tremendous spout of vitality clearing through your body and ascending. I would say a Kundalini arousing has only sometimes been a peaceful ordeal. Consistent with its serpentine quality, the undulating power frequently leaves individuals encountering serious automatic yanking developments went with dreams, sights, past-life memories as the power rises and reaches alternate chakras.