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Who we are?

Well to discuss us, perceiving the need of profound help for individuals experiencing different sorts of mental and physical sicknesses, obstacles and disappointment, Vinita Vikram Balwaria started Eternal Bliss, a spiritual center with healing techniques like Reiki, Lama Fera, Karmic Reiki, Asht Lakshmi Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, numerous progressively and related items like Reiki Crystals and otherworldly items like herbs and oils. As a faith healer we guide & direct people to get the best outcome in their respective issues .

Vinita Vikram Balwaria

Spiritual Healer

Easy Meditation For Beginners


Reiki is a form of Alternative medicine developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the year 1922 in Japan. During Reiki session the practitioner channel the universal life force energy to the patient. There are four levels in Reiki & it can be practiced by anyone ones attuned.

Kundlini refers to the primal energy lying dormant at the base of the spine. Kundlini awakening has said to happen through deep meditation. Once activated , Kundlini Energy heals the practitioner in many ways. Kundlini Reiki has nine levels but to get attuned to it one should be a Reiki practitioner.

Violet Flame is a very unique spiritual energy that can help the practitioner in many areas of life. It is also called the Violet Fire which means no negative energy can stand there.

Various Herbs & Essential oils are being used by spiritual practitioners from long back. There are many herbs like Sage, Lavender, Frankinsense, Lemongrass & many more , which are being used for different ailments. This is a customized course which helps in healing many life issues through various Herbs, Oils & Crystals.

Services We Offer

Energy is everywhere around us but we don’t know how to channelize it . Here in Eternal Bliss we help people solve their issues by channelising the energy & treating their problems. We cannot control energy & distance healing is a very good example of that. We can sit anywhere in this world & heal the patient even without his/her physical presence.

What comes to our mind when we think about Meditation? Sitting idle shutting your eyes,but, why it is required to sit calmly? Because, when we sit closing our eyes , we also have to shut our conscious mind without connecting to any single thought. Meditation helps you to connect to your higher self or we can say that to connect to our inner self.

Our Chakras are connected to our physical & psychological body, whenever we face any issue regarding anything it is because of dis balance in our Chakras. Any problem is our life can be solved if we align & activate the week chakras. There are many ways to do it. Meditation is among one of them.

Counselling in today’s world is required by anyone in all age groups , it is not something which we give to any mental patient . It is something which can be done with a person of sound mind. Mostly it is required by any individual to overcome any phobias, traumas, relationship issues, children issues & many more.

Eternal Bliss is a Meditation & Spiritual Healing center to help people come out of their life problems whether Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Economical & Physiological through different healing modalities & meditation sessions.

We also offer different courses related to meditation & healings for spiritually inclined individuals.

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